Google disclosed the e-Ki-mile from the so-called Google Wave, a modern application that was intended to replace e-mail GMail.

Google Wave mail or so-called wave of Google is the current development of E-style response to the medium so that it can respond to the different parts, can be converted-wave responses to the communications process Cderdashp immediate, in the event that the parties at the same time (with the advantage of being able to to see what the other party written immediately).

As well as in the case of the dialogue that you sent to a third person; it could offer letter and replies in chronological order and, finally, you can withdraw your photos from the desktop to the wave is sent to Google, and supply and wanted to share with. Note that all this is the current existing browsers and even mobile operating system Ondroed.

As a technical point of the wave is divided into Google's Protocol Department, which is open source so that any person or company that applied to the server and get its own waves, and the second section, a web server application of the waves, which is in the process of development.

The Google interface functions and to open its own web server so as to enable web developers to include Google in their waves.

Was added to Google's mail Undo Send Mail feature, or "step back from the transmission," which gives the user the opportunity to rewrite the communications, and repair the mistakes made by, and then sent back and the on-screen for five seconds, and enables the user to modify the message by pressing the button.

Says Michael Yigit designed feature "step back from the transmission" "in some cases, e-mail, and then â €" I made a mistake on the spot, either that I have forgotten to attach a file, or writing a certain note in the mail. "

Property Property is one of the new features launched by Google, which aims to address the problems related to e-mail has been collected in the laboratory's Mail, which contributed to its popularity since its launch characteristics of the users, which contributed to the increase from 12 to 36 properties. The launch of this feature during the week of the celebration of the Ki-fifth mile.