Washington, United States of America - with the proliferation of "fashion" social Web sites such as facebook and YouTube and others, the White House found itself in need to join is also to some of these sites, especially after it became clear that this method is more effective in communicating with people and listen to their views .

The White House reported on its Web site, that the departments, "seeks to improve the ways they relate with people," Vsud site links up people to a page for the White House, on both facebook and YouTube and MySpace Toitr and, in addition to any Vlker iTunes. 

The White House on his, "The technology has proved to have a significant impact on the people, and how they come into contact with some, including the White House is an important part of the U.S. administration, which is always looking for better ways to communicate with people, we have chosen to use these sites, which attract millions ".

In addition to the site of the White House on the Internet, has pages on social networks to communicate with people, and receive their views.

"Nick Shapiro, spokesman on behalf of the American President, Barak Obama," We want to make the White House more open, to make it possible to access it by the people, and our use of such sites, is one way to achieve this. "

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people have joined these sites during the election campaign for the selection of President Bush last year, and after that devoted supporters of the candidates many of the pages related to their own