The Independent newspaper reported that the European Commission would investigate the accusations addressed to Britain, according to their failure to protect its citizens from secret surveillance over the Internet.

The newspaper said that this step will enhance the allegations that Britain heading towards a state of the "Big Brdhir", which carries broadcasts directly to the details of the lives of a group of persons, the United Kingdom may be forced ultimately to defend its policy regarding the privacy of the Internet before the judges in Europe.

The European Union said yesterday that he wanted to "clear consent" by the users of the Internet using their business to gather information on their shopping habits on the web.

The Company Form (Phorm) has developed technology to allow Internet service providers tracing users directly and to sell the information they receive for the ad companies, which in turn published declarations of the concerns of nearby users in the sites they visit.

The European Union accused the party of Britain, regardless of this growing type of marketing behavior.

The newspaper quoted the European telecommunications commissioner Viviane Reading said she called on British authorities "to change their national laws and authorities concerned to grant the necessary authority to impose appropriate penalties to ensure the application of European laws."

The British Telecom Technology Forum has been used to prosecute Internet users without their knowledge, prompting users to raise their complaint to the European Parliament.

The European decision on the obligation of States belonging to the Union to ensure the privacy of communication over the objection prevention and control of Internet users without their consent.