Launched the site "YouTube" a new version of the famous program with the private mobile devices that the Windows operating system, or S60.

The new application allows users to watch films of different phone which was on the site through their own without the need to use a personal computer, where he developed YouTube modern techniques to increase the speed of film equipment, as well as the pace of research, to become faster than the previous system by 90%. This is in addition to improving the quality and clarity of video images before it.

  The new service can be operated from YouTube on telephone networks using either a third-generation mobile phone 3G, or even the use of access points for wireless Internet Wi-Fi.

  And will alert users that the application has been updated since the service at any time to allow them to update the Jawalathm simple and easy steps.

  The Steve Chen Co-founder site "YouTube", which is one of the largest social networks on the Internet, users of mobile phones in many cities in the world will be able to use the services provided by, pointing out that the video range between time and a half minutes to minutes will suffice the needs of mobile users who ride the subway or bus, with the files that will be up to ten minutes will be sufficient to train users.

  To download the application on mobile devices, can use the following link: http://m.youtube.com.

  The number of users, "YouTube" for the first time 100 million people in the month of January, ahead of his counterparts from other websites, according to data from consulting firm Sukkur km