Is already known to the search engine "Google" a few days enjoying the unique Avalmith before the launch of the new search engine and intelligent Wolgram Alpha? Question is now interested in the world of the Internet and searching for information in any place they are.

The reports say that the publicity due to the search engine finds the new Internet-goers Ienoha difficulty in obtaining specific information about what is the result of inadequate expression of the human search engine of the current specifications, according to the newspaper "El Pais" Spanish.

The creators of the engine technology, which was submitted a few days ago in Harvard University, that it is able to absorb such questions as "How high is the summit of Mount Everest?" And the response of specific answers.

For its part, the news media, including the newspaper "Alindbndint" British "This innovation will change the Internet forever," while other newspapers were launched by the name "Google killer" or "Wikipedia," he said.

While he knew the British physicist Stephen innovative Frum and that "intelligence is the engine of a computer."

The creators of the engine that is truly revolutionary in Wolgram Alpha is its ability to provide data so smart, if you give, for example, the temperature in London on the Kennedy assassination.

But skeptics see the innovation in this new advertising approach, and ask: If we want information about the Iraq war, do we say it is "a war based on false allegations and led to the bankruptcy of the United States," or "on the contrary, it is considered necessary to fight the campaign terrorism and to achieve a safer world? ".

Britain violated the privacy of Internet users