The researchers at the University of Wisconsin and America, Justin Williams and Adam Wilson, last week developed a device enabling individuals to write on the site Toitr electronic, without the use of the fingers.

And Williams explained that the body consists of a small cap, fixed countries, connected to an electric screen, so that read electrical brain messages, through which the user can be used Toitr without the use of his hands, through its focus on a particular character or a specific option on the screen, so write the letter or use the option, after Intekaya person in his brain.

Williams pointed out that the invention opens up new vistas for patients with paralysis of the mid-term or semi-paralysis, so now they can communicate with the world smoothly, in particular, and that some estimate, the total number of people living with these diseases and disabilities of hundreds of thousands.

For his part, felt, Kevin Otto, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of "Pedro," that the invention is very important for this type of patients, as they are about communicating with others, seeking more than walking or movement, "especially as they are incapable of speech They would like to speak directly with others. "

Otto pointed out that many of the body beyond the dilemmas, especially as it integrates new technologies with each other.

The experts noted that the use of this technique is easier to Toitr on the other sites, such as "Hotmail."

In a related development noted by observers of the breadth of the activities of the site Toitr-mail, where more recent popular blog Berkan, "Redaopt" in Alaska on the site, and the number of participants to more than seven thousand people.