Geneva, June 04 / Qena / World Health Organization has announced that the swine flu virus has spread so far in 66 countries around the world and infected 19,273 people since the discovery of the first cases in the month of April last. The organization said that the death toll from the virus rose to 117 after reporting on the United States, with two deaths, noting that the majority of new infections registered in the United States, which monitored the 1078 new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed infections to 10053 cases. On the high number of casualties recorded in a number of countries in the world confirmed eight new cases of swine flu in the Philippines for a total of 30 such cases a situation where the Minister of Health, Philippine news conference today that one of those cases belonging to the University students, "De La Salle" may be be picked up the infection from the same university student, the other confirmed cases on Wednesday. The University has suspended the study on Wednesday in the wake of the authorities to confirm the injury in question. And confirmed cases rose to the swine flu infection in Australia to 638, up from earlier this week, only 306 and 18 at the beginning of last week. Account the state of Victoria the largest proportion of those cases where the number reached 521, prompting its government to adjust the degree of preparedness against the virus to contain to preserve the status quo in recognition of the failure of efforts to control the proliferation. The state of New South Wales border in the south in the second place the total casualties amounted to 70 also increased the number on the island of Tasmania to the five cases, including two ambulances. Is Australia's fourth largest country by spreading the virus in the world after the United States, Mexico and Canada. In Hong Kong Department of Health announced that of the local government confirmed new infections of swine flu, bringing the total casualties in the province to 27, pointing out that such a case involving a citizen returned from a trip to New York last night and he showed the symptoms on Saturday morning. The administration called a passenger plane that carried him from New York and they were sitting in rows near him to contact them and urged other passengers were on board the second plane arrived in Hong Kong on May 28 that the contact as a result it became clear that 8 of them confirmed to have the virus after the independence of the other aircraft to Fujian province in eastern China