Industry analysts said that the British described as the world's smallest microwave is a great new consumer features, but it is still just a prototype.

According to newspaper "Daily Mail" The microwave cell is very small and can be shipped as soon as the mobile PC Link, referring to making it in conjunction with the company, "Heinz H. Jay" in order to provide the workers, students, travelers and giving way to heat or eat.

But experts in the "Committee of microwave" Almekorev pointed out that this did not put on the market, and pointed out that the technology exists to develop the product in the hands of consumers.

Gordon Andrews and the work of "Aye, there's Combo of Technology," with Stephen Fraser, a director of a company, "Frazier Dizeynrz" for the development of so-called "small-Combo".

Andrews said that the machine is working through the new lithium batteries, making it "portable and helps fishermen, athletes, people that are in camps."