The telescope industry, scientists can discover the fate of the universe starting from the knowledge of our arrival on the ground, and where our journey ends. 

The researchers pointed out that the two types of this telescope will be launched on the fourteenth of the end of this month to reveal mysteries of space
Article Kmarafp basis since the beginning of the universe, which is equivalent to 13 t 7 billion a year to the formation of stars and galaxies in addition to the planets.
He stressed that one of the researchers named Altlescoppin Planck will study the details of the ancient fossilized remains of radiation after the Big Bang, the great contribute to explain how to make up the universe after the rapid expansion.

The researchers pointed out that the other named Herschel telescope will focus on the infrared radiation emitted from the non-visible areas of the formation of stars and galaxies in an attempt to explain the asterisk form particles contribute to the composition of cosmic clouds of gas and dust in addition to the blocks of stone scattered in space.

Is noteworthy that the Herschel telescope mirror tired introduced 5 .3 meters making it the largest in the world Teleskobac space