Scientists describe the memory as a repository of experiences and impressions, which is trying to acquire rights in the various stages of life, and considered that any defect in this sensitive part of the brain affects human Balzheimer, and thus lose the ability to focus and learn.
In a new attempt to overcome the problems of memory, the Australian researchers to shrink the brain more quickly if it is not stimulated by
By solving puzzles or learning new languages.
A CT of the brain that people who do not adhere to a complex mental activity throughout life, suffering from a decline in the major part of the Dmaghm in old age by more than two others.
This discovery sheds more light on the link between lifestyle and enhanced the incidence of, and gives the force of the evidence that the sport, such as solving puzzles and learning new languages, to spare one of the diseases of aging. Michael Valenzuela said in the Faculty of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wiles: "We have strong evidence that people who use Dmaghm more than others to suffer brain shrinkage of less .. I hope that this matter is the people's call for the use of Dmaghm because it helps them to delay the strabismus, or even enhanced without injury. "
The study research team included 50 people in the sixties over 3 years, who were found to be mentally active throughout their lives with the memory of the status of a significant Dmaghm, and also shows that the brain activity was low throughout the life of mental decline by half over the past three.